Sharpening sticks

Proper sharpening during operations is a very important element of proper diamond tools exploitation.

As there are many types of diamond tools, there are also several types of special sharpening sticks applied to sharpen a specific group of tools.

It is not advised to sharpen all tools with one type of sharpening sticks because in one case it may lead to quicker wear of the tool and in other case there may be a necessity of using more sharpening sticks in order to improve the work. These two cases lead to unnecessary increase of the production costs.

CRT 4GlASS is not a distributor of sharpening sticks from China and will never be because these products are heterogeneous and unique in terms of technology.

All sharpening sticks offered by CRT 4GlASS are produced in Poland and are made in accordance with my technological requirements and under adequate control.

For over 15 years I have been working on the sharpening sticks development in order to guarantee the best possible effects which directly translate into efficiency and production costs.
Sharpening sticks are produced in different sizes applied to individual needs of customers, both for automotive feeders and manual sharpening.

More information about the proper selection of sharpening sticks and the ways of using them you can gain through the contact with CRT 4GlASS or by the participation in training.

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