Glass is a very rewarding but also very difficult material to be processed.

The aim of the organized training is to bring you or your employees closer to the rules of proper selection of tools for a specific operation (glass processing), its proper exploitation as well as preventing and dealing with problems occurring during these operations.

In order to make the technological process work correctly, the proper selection of tools is not enough. Additionally, it is advised to select proper parameters to them and to the manufacturing product.

Higher knowledge of the tools selection, processing parameters, applied preparations and the proper use of tools and equipment capabilities - these are the specific benefits for your plants.
My training topics are adjusted to your specific needs and include the issues as below:

Training consists of a theoretical part as well as a practical part at the devices.

Additionally, during the training you can acquaint yourself with the methods of analysis and management of diamond tools.

I encourage you to participate in specialized training concerned on the proper exploitation of diamond tools and glass processing technology.

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