About us

Robert Mazur

My name is Robert Mazur and I am the owner of CRT 4GLASS Company.

My family is associated with the glass production for three generations. My father was a man who drew joy and pleasure of creating  unusual solutions that were ahead of time and improved the production in many industries.

It was my father I owe my skills and passion to create new solutions that help to reduce the costs of production and defectiveness of processes.

In the 70’s I started helping my father in designing devices which, due to its’ reliability and quality, work up to the present day. I began single-handed business in the 90’s.

I worked directly on the production of glazed units and furniture glass and I was one of those who organized and later led the production of automotive glass in the Glass Works SZCZAKOWA.

I am the co-owner of the company which, as the first company in Poland, introduced and elaborated the technology of diamond tools regeneration by electroerosion method. I owe several patents and my solutions are successfully used in the biggest processing plants of furniture glass as well as automotive glass.

My over twenty-year experience, huge knowledge of modern technologies of glass processing and individual attitude towards the client make CRT 4GLASS a perfect partner in cooperation.

When it comes to design and implement new solutions, I follow a rule: “Do it like for yourself”. I am glad that I can do what I love and what brings me satisfaction from performed work and you may be sure that I put my heart and soul into each of your order.

I cooperate with partners from many lines of business with whom I create the team able to undertake the most difficult challenges.

My solutions change the reality.

I cordially invite you to cooperate and get acquainted with my offer.

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